27 Best Things to Do in Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City, New Jersey is one of the premier destinations for a beach vacation at the Jersey shore. Ocean City has found its niche among South Jersey shore points as the family-friendly place for fun in the sun. In contrast to nearby Atlantic City’s casinos and active nightlife, Ocean City is a dry (alcohol-free) town focusing on entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together. 

In addition to miles and miles of beautiful sand beaches, Ocean City also has a 2.5-mile boardwalk full of souvenir shops, restaurants, and entertainment such as amusements, concerts, arcades, miniature golf, and more.

Downtown, the city of Ocean City offers many points of interest and rainy-day activities for the whole family. It is also a short drive to other nearby shore points where visitors can enjoy many unique tourist attractions. 

Read on to learn more about the best ways to enjoy a fun-filled family vacation in beautiful Ocean City, New Jersey!

Top Beaches of Ocean City

1. Ocean City Beach

  • When to go: Anytime the weather is suitable for a beach visit!
  • Where: 8 miles of coastline in Ocean City. Multiple access points available.
  • Cost: Beach tags are required during the summer season for all beachgoers (ages 12+). Seasonal tags are $25 per person, weekly tags are $10 per person, and daily tags are $5 per person.
  • Website: https://oceancityvacation.com/things-to-do/beaches-bays.html 

The barrier island of Ocean City is lined with 8 miles of sandy beaches. There are multiple access points off of Wesley Avenue, which is the main road that runs closest to the coast. Lifeguards are on duty throughout the summer season at regular intervals.

There are also 11 different locations that have lifeguards on duty during the shoulder seasons. The stretch of beach between 6th Street and 14th Street also has Ocean City’s 2.5-mile boardwalk, making this northern end of the beach much more popular with beachgoers.

2. Peck Beach

  • When to go: Anytime the weather is suitable for a beach visit!
  • Where: Southern end of Ocean City Beach, between 36th and 37th Streets (map)
  • Cost: Beach tags are required during the summer season for all beachgoers (ages 12+). Seasonal tags are $25 per person, weekly tags are $10 per person, and daily tags are $5 per person.

Peck Beach is a part of Ocean City Beach that is distinctive for its size. The beach is approximately 100 yards wide in this section, and it is guarded during the summer season.

This stretch of beach is more than 10 blocks south of the end of the boardwalk, so it is often more peaceful and less crowded than other Ocean City beaches. It is an easy walk from North Street Park. Note that finding parking for Peck Beach can be a challenge.

3. Waverly Surfing Beach

  • When to go: Anytime the weather is suitable for a beach visit!
  • Where: Near the intersection of Beach Road and East Atlantic Boulevard (map)
  • Cost: Beach tags are required during the summer season for all beachgoers (ages 12+). Seasonal tags are $25 per person, weekly tags are $10 per person, and daily tags are $5 per person.
  • Website: https://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/Waverly 

Located on the northern end of the Ocean City island, Waverly Beach is specifically designated for surfing. This spot boasts the best waves on the island and offers a beautiful view of the Atlantic City skyline.

Whether you are ready to ride the waves or simply want a quiet beach where you can watch the waves and the surfers, head to Waverly Surfing beach. Lifeguards on duty during the peak season. 

4. Surf Road Beach

  • When to go: Anytime the weather is suitable for a beach visit!
  • Where: Near the intersection of Surf Road and East Atlantic Boulevard (map)
  • Cost: Beach tags are required during the summer season for all beachgoers (ages 12+). Seasonal tags are $25 per person, weekly tags are $10 per person, and daily tags are $5 per person. 

Surf Road Beach is Ocean City’s best beach for accessibility. Ramps over the dunes help people with mobility challenges get across the sand. The ramps lead to within 100 feet of the waterline (depending on tides) which gives improved access not only to the beach but also to the ocean itself.

This is a smaller patch of beach located on the northern end of the island, away from the bustle of the boardwalk and many of Ocean City’s main tourist attractions. Lifeguards on duty during the peak season. 

5. Corson’s Inlet State Park

If you’re looking for a patch of undeveloped beach in Ocean City, look no further than Corson’s Inlet State Park. This beautiful park offers hiking trails and boating access and permits fishing and crabbing. Or you can just relax on the beach enjoying the sun and the sounds of the crashing waves.

Note that swimming is not permitted at Corson’s Inlet State Park. This is a beautiful place to enjoy a natural beach environment and the wildlife that lives there.

The Boardwalk and Piers

6. Ocean City Music Pier

  • When to go: Concerts and performances held several times each week during the summer season.
  • Where: 825 Boardwalk (between 8th St. and 9th St.), Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Ticket prices vary by concert.
  • Website: http://www.ocnj.us/SummerConcerts/ 

Let the crashing of waves and the calls of seagulls form the background accompaniment for a fun and diverse concert schedule on Ocean City’s Music Pier.

Many different artists include the Music Pier on their tour schedules, and in between the Ocean City, POPS keeps audiences entertained with various programs. A concert in this unique venue is sure to be an unforgettable evening on the boardwalk.

7. Gillian’s Wonderland Pier

  • When to go: Open daily during the summer season, and on weekends with limited rides in the off-season. Hours vary, so check the website for more information.
  • Where: 600 Boardwalk, Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Unlimited ride pass $39.95 for 4 hours. Pay-as-you-go tickets are $1 per credit (with discounts for buying bulk tickets). Rides range from 2-6 credits per ride.
  • Website: http://www.gillians.com/ 

With a wide assortment of amusement rides for little ones up through adult thrills, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier has something for everyone. Some rides are inside, allowing you to escape the elements if necessary.

A trip to the top of the Giant Wheel offers incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Ocean City coastline, and miles beyond. Gillian’s offers hours of fun for all ages, right on the boardwalk.

8. Playland’s Castaway Cove

  • When to go: Hours and season dates vary. See the website for more information.
  • Where: 1020 Boardwalk (between 10th St. and 11th. St), Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: $1 per ticket, with discounts for buying 50 or more tickets. Most rides require 2-6 tickets. Special pricing applies to go-karts and the GaleForce roller coaster.
  • Website: https://oceancityfun.com/ 

For over 60 years, Playland’s Castaway Cove has been a landmark on the boardwalk, with more than 30 different amusement rides for guests of all ages.

Their newest coaster, the GaleForce, is 125 feet tall and features a 90-degree drop, reaching speeds of up to 65 mph. In addition to rides, they have miniature golf and go-karts, all with the same fun pirate theme. Generations of visitors to Ocean City agree: your OCNJ vacation isn’t complete without a visit to Castaway Cove.

9. OC Water Park

oc water park

  • When to go: Open during the summer season (June-Labor Day) from 9:30 AM-6:00 PM, weather permitting.
  • Where: 728 Boardwalk (between Plymouth Pl. and 8th St.), Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: All-day pass $37.95, 3-hour pass $32.95, 2-hour pass $29.95; All prices discounted by $5 for children under 48 inches tall.
  • Website: http://ocwaterpark.com/ 

Fun in the water is not limited to the ocean in Ocean City. From thrilling water slides to a relaxing lazy river, the OC Water Park is a fun and refreshing way to add a splash to your summer vacation.

There is a children’s play area called Lil Buc’s Bay, as well as a climbing wall and an adventure golf course. The whole family is sure to love spending the day at the OC Water Park!

10. Congo Falls Adventure Golf

  • When to go: Open daily during the peak season, 8 AM-12 AM, and on weekends in the off-season. Hours vary, so check the website for specific times.
  • Where: 1132 Boardwalk (between 11th St. and 12th St.), Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: $8.50 per person
  • Website: https://congofallsgolf.com/ 

You can’t miss the Congo Falls Adventure Golf course – just look for the giant King Kong towering over the boardwalk. Congo Falls has 3 separate, 18-hole miniature golf courses.

Congo Queen and Solomon’s Mine are both outside, while the Lost City course is indoors in a climate-controlled environment, making it the perfect rainy-day activity. There are lots of options for miniature golf courses in Ocean City, but Congo Falls is a hole-in-one!

11. JiLLy’s Arcade

  • When to go: Open daily, 24 hours during the summer season, and 10 AM-10 PM the rest of the year
  • Where: 1168 Boardwalk (near 12th St.), Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Varies by game and activity. Skeeball is just 10 cents to play. In addition to coins, a JiLLy’s Fun Card can be loaded with a credit card and used to pay for games.
  • Website: https://jillysocnj.com/jillys-arcade/ 

One of my fondest childhood memories on the boardwalk is playing skeeball with my grandparents. While many arcades might have a reputation for being dark places where gamers forget if it’s day or night, JiLLy’s has a much brighter and more family-friendly vibe.

The unique carousel dome is a historical landmark, and the bright and colorful interior is well-lit and inviting. Whether you love the nostalgia of classic retro games or the realistic thrill of more modern games, JiLLy’s has you covered. There’s also fun for the whole family to enjoy together, like air hockey, pool tables, and of course, skeeball. Create your lasting boardwalk memories today!

Family-Friendly Fun

12.Totally Tubular AQUA Park

aqua park

  • When to go: Open during the summer season. Schedule depends on the tides, so check the website for available times and to make a reservation.
  • Where: 228 Bay Ave, Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: $35 per person for a 45-minute session. Add a second session for $15. Group discounts available.
  • Website: https://www.totallytubularwatersports.com/aquapark 

Who needs a pool when there’s a bay?! The Totally Tubular AQUA Park is over 5,000 square feet of fun in the water, with more than 18 giant, inflatable features. Imagine a giant floating obstacle course that ends with a big slide down into the water.

This brightly-colored attraction is not suitable for children younger than 6. There are special “Small Splash” times available for kids ages 6-12 and their families to help younger guests feel more secure. Since this attraction is very popular and their hours vary with the tides, be sure to check their website and make a reservation. Totally Tubular is the most fun you will ever have in a marina!

13. Sandcastle Park

Sand Castle Park

Many have claimed that Sandcastle Park has the best playgrounds in Ocean City. Stop by and see if you agree! There are play structures designed for kids of different ages, and structures for kids who have developmental challenges or disabilities. Shady areas are available on those hot, sunny days, including picnic tables shaded by trees.

While many playgrounds have similar collections of slides and swings, Sandcastle Park has added some unique structures that are sure to capture your kids’ attention.

Balance beams and tunnels are always very popular with kids of all ages. Save the sand toys for the beach, though. Despite the name, there’s no sand to play within this park – which might just be a welcome break for mom and dad.

14. North Street Park

Kids will enjoy playground facilities that are part of one of Ocean City’s largest greenspace areas. There are no public restrooms in this park, though porta-potties are available. The park is less well-known by tourists and therefore less likely to be crowded during peak season.

In the summer, the city often organizes activities for kids. Call 609-525-9253 for more information. Escape the crowds and have some family fun at the North Street Park.

15. Stainton Wildlife Refuge

  • When to go: The Refuge is open 24 hrs / 7 days, but the best times for birdwatching are morning and evening. Visit in the fall to see the widest variety of migratory coastal birds.
  • Where: Bay Ave, Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Free
  • Website: http://www.ocnj.us/Did-You-Know/ 

If you don’t know it’s there, you’ll probably miss it. The Stainton Wildlife Refuge is a lush, green area that can only be entered via Bay Ave. Get a glimpse of what the island looked like before it was developed into a seaside resort town.

There is an elevated observation deck overlooking the tidal refuge, allowing visitors to spot a wide variety of birds and other wildlife. The opposite side of the refuge is bordered by the Ocean City Bike Path along Haven Ave, so that is another way to get a peek at the wildlife refuge area. Parking is available at the municipal airport across Bay Ave.

16. Lake Memorial Park

  • When to go: Park is open during daylight hours
  • Where: 407 Wesley Ave, Ocean City (map) *Note: Google maps labels this park “Wesley Park”
  • Cost: Free

This quiet park is a refuge in the middle of Ocean City. It’s a few blocks from the beach and a few blocks from the bay. A lovely walking path winds through it and there are plenty of benches for relaxing.

At certain times of the year, the Ocean City library sponsors a Story Walk here, where pages of a picture book are laminated and spread out along the path in a wonderful combination of outdoor exploration and family reading time. There is also a scavenger hunt and other activities related to the book. Check the library’s events page for more Story Walk information. 

17. Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail

Explore the marshland area on this former road that has become a walking trail. The terrain is easy, though it can often be very muddy. This out-and-back trail is less than a mile (one-way) and is a great chance to see the birds and other wildlife that call this wetland environment home.

Watch where you step as crabs have been known to join walkers on this trail. Protection from the sun and bugs is a must. You’ll see evidence of the old railroad tracks that once connected Ocean City with the New Jersey mainland. A short hike here is a great way to escape the more touristy parts of Ocean City and soak in some nature!

Indoor Activities

18. Ocean City Arts Center

  • When to go: Monday-Friday 9AM-9PM, Saturday 9AM-3PM. Closed Sundays.
  • Where: 1735 Simpson Ave., 2nd floor, Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Annual memberships: $15 for students, $25 for individuals, $35 for families. Additional fees for classes and workshops.
  • Website: https://www.oceancityartscenter.org/ 

The Ocean City Arts Center is dedicated to helping people pursue arts, including fine arts, music, and dance. They offer ongoing classes, one-day workshops, open studios, and more.

There is also an art gallery with monthly exhibitions from local artists and artisans. Summer camps for kids are offered each year, plus juried art shows with receptions that are open to the public. More information about all of these programs can be found on Ocean City Arts Center website.

19. Greater Ocean City Theatre Company

  • When to go: Evening and matinee performances available throughout the summer months
  • Where: 1501 West Avenue, Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Prices vary by show, but most tickets are between $20-$30 per person.
  • Website: http://oceancitytheatrecompany.com/ 

The arts are alive and well in Ocean City! Enjoy an entertaining schedule of musicals and other Broadway-style theatrical performances, such as Mama Mia!, Cats, and Newsies.

Younger actors can get involved in the junior company, which also stages several shows each season. Classes are offered for adults and teens, and summer camp programs are available for kids. Check the website for a full schedule of events and to purchase tickets. 

20. Ocean City Historical Museum

Ocean City Historical Museum

  • When to go: Monday-Saturday, 10AM-4PM
  • Where: In the Ocean City Community Center: 1735 Simpson Avenue, Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Free
  • Website: https://www.ocnjmuseum.org/ 

Ocean City has a storied history, from the Sindia shipwreck to the building of the boardwalk, to favorite OC daughter Grace Kelly. Learn more from detailed displays of artifacts and pictures and from knowledgeable staff and docents.

A scavenger hunt activity is available for children to help bring a rich history to life. The museum is small but provides a fascinating glimpse of local history. This is the perfect way to spend a rainy day!

21. Bayside Center

  • When to go: Open daily from 10AM-4PM during the summer season (end of June through Labor Day)
  • Where: 520 Bay Avenue, Ocean City (map)
  • Cost: Free to visit. Additional fee for summer camps.
  • Website: http://www.ocnj.us/bayside-and-marina/ 

Indoors, the Bayside Center offers environmental education displays, models of ships, and even a lifeguard museum. It is housed in a historic home along the bay that is more than 100 years old. Free evening programs are held throughout the summer for all ages.

Kids will love the variety of summer camps that are offered here. Outdoors, there are docks available for fishing or crabbing and bay access for launching kayaks or other small boats to explore the bay.

22. Discovery Seashell Museum

Explore thousands of different types of shells from around the world, many of which are also available for purchase. There is also a collection of rocks and minerals, as well as a fossil display.

Learn more about seashells and marvel at the wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Discovery is a fun museum-store combo that is a great place to spend a rainy afternoon or just pick up some inexpensive souvenirs.

Nearby Attractions

23. Atlantic City Aquarium

atlantic city aquarium

  • When to go: Open daily, 10AM-5PM (year-round)
  • Where: 800 North New Hampshire Avenue, Atlantic City (map)
  • Distance from Ocean City: 21 miles / approx. 30 min.
  • Cost: Adults (ages 13-61) $10, Seniors (ages 62+) $7, Children (ages 4-12) $6, Children (ages 0-3) free.
  • Website: http://www.acaquarium.com/ 

What better place to learn more about sea creatures than at the shore?! The Atlantic City Aquarium is a fun day trip from Ocean City to learn more about fish and other creatures that may be hard to spot in the wild.

There are three floors of exhibits, including touch tanks and activities for kids. A highlight is the chance to hand-feed some rays. The third floor is an observation deck, where visitors can sometimes spot dolphins in the wild. Don’t miss it!

24. Lucy the Elephant

  • When to go: Open all year, but hours are seasonal. Tours offered every 45 min. Check the website for current information.
  • Where: 9200 Atlantic Avenue, Margate City (map)
  • Distance from Ocean City: 5 miles / approx. 15 min.
  • Cost: Free to visit the grounds. Guided tours $8.50 for adults and $4 for children (ages 3-12). Free parking (1-hour limit).
  • Website: https://lucytheelephant.org/ 

Lucy is a national historic landmark and a Jersey shore icon. The 65-foot tall elephant was built in 1881 and has been an institution and much-beloved landmark ever since. Tours take you inside Lucy, giving you more information about her history and letting you look out at the world through her eyes.

You can also climb up into her howdah (a riding carriage on Lucy’s back) for 360-degree panoramic views of the shoreline and Margate City. For a truly unique experience, spend the night inside Lucy the Elephant! She is listed on Airbnb so you can make a reservation and have Lucy all to yourself.

25. Somers Mansion

This state historic site is just a short drive across the bridge from Ocean City, and worth checking out if you have any interest in the history of the area.

This colonial-era house was built by Richard Somers between 1720-1726. Many artifacts from this era remain in the house, including a wonderful textile collection.

An organization called The Patriots for the Somers Mansion works to maintain, preserve, and restore the building. They host a variety of events on the property throughout the year, so check their website to see if there’s something special happening!

26. Cape May County Park and Zoo

  • When to go: Park hours are daily from 7 AM to dusk. Zoo hours 10AM-4:30PM (March-October) / 10AM-3:30PM (November-February). The zoo is open daily, year-round. Closed Christmas day.
  • Where: 707 Route 9 North, Cape May Court House
  • Distance from Ocean City: 20 miles / approx. 30 min.
  • Cost: Admission to both the park and the zoo is free. Parking is also free.
  • Website: https://www.capemaycountynj.gov/1008/Park-Zoo 

A wide variety of animals, from lions and zebras and giraffes to monkeys, lemurs, and bears, live at the Cape May County Park and Zoo. General admission to the zoo is always free.

There are great playgrounds and park areas surrounding the zoo, so this is a perfect family day-trip from Ocean City. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the park (no outside food is permitted in the zoo), or grab a bite in the Safari Cafe. 

27. Cape May Lighthouse

cape may lighthouse

  • When to go: During the summer season, the lighthouse is open daily from 9AM-5PM. In the off-season, it is open weekends (Friday-Sunday) from 12PM-3PM.
  • Where: 215 Lighthouse Avenue, Cape May (map) (on the grounds of Cape May Point State Park)
  • Distance from Ocean City: 36 miles / approx. 45 min.
  • Cost: Adults $10, Children (ages 3-12) $5; Discounts for veterans with ID. Active military (with ID) free.
  • Website: https://capemaymac.org/experience/cape-may-lighthouse/ 

Visit the iconic Cape May Lighthouse, built in 1859 on the southernmost tip of New Jersey. The lighthouse is open to the public, and you can climb 199 stairs all the way to the top to look out over the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay.

When there’s a full moon, visit the lighthouse at night for a spectacular view! (Note: Ticket prices for the Full Moon Climb are more expensive than daytime admission.)

Christmas in July is another popular event on the lighthouse grounds each summer (on July 25). The Cape May Lighthouse is a part of the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey.

Best Way to Spend a Day in Ocean City, New Jersey

A perfect day in Ocean City would start with a quiet walk on the beach before it gets crowded. Then I would take the kids to a local park – perhaps Sandcastle Park to enjoy their incredible playgrounds or Lake Memorial Park to go for a story walk. When it’s time for lunch, I would pack a picnic and head to the beach for the afternoon.

I would choose a spot on the Ocean City beach near the north end of the boardwalk, where there is easy access to public parking and plenty to do on the boardwalk.

After a few hours of sand and waves, I would take the family up onto the boardwalk for a few amusements at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. Dinner would be pizza on the boardwalk, then I’d head to the Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail for an evening walk and to watch the sunset over the bay. 


Question: Is it free to visit the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey?

Answer: It is only free to visit the beach in Ocean City outside of the summer season. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, beach tags are required. Beach tags are available as seasonal tags, weekly tags, and daily tags.
Seasonal tags can be ordered in advance by mail (pre-season discount applies if purchased prior to Memorial Day) but weekly and daily passes must be purchased in person. There are a variety of locations where beach tags are available for purchase, including directly from an inspector on the beach.
Be prepared with cash. Active military personnel and their families qualify for free beach tags, or they can show military ID to beach inspectors. Veterans can also receive a free beach tag. More information on Ocean City beach tags.

Question: Is Ocean City, New Jersey a dry town?

Answer: Yes, Ocean City, New Jersey is a dry town. This means that no alcohol is sold or served within the city limits. Alcohol purchased in a nearby town or brought from home may be consumed in the privacy of your home or hotel room, but drinking in public is prohibited. This includes the boardwalk and all beaches. This is one of the things that makes Ocean City so popular with families. Signs reminding visitors of this law to threaten a $275 fine for violating it.

Question: I’m choosing between Atlantic City and Ocean City for my New Jersey beach vacation. Which is better?

Answer: Which resort town is better for your vacation depends on what you are hoping for in your vacation. Despite being neighbors, Atlantic City and Ocean City have very different characters and atmospheres. Atlantic City’s casinos and bars appeal to a much different crowd than Ocean City’s focus on being a family-friendly, alcohol-free town.
Both places offer miles of beaches, boardwalks, and plenty of other tourist attractions. Consider what type of vacation you’re looking for and who you’re traveling with before deciding whether Atlantic City or Ocean City is best for you. 

Question: What is the weather like in Ocean City, New Jersey?

Answer: Ocean City, New Jersey has a similar climate to many other Midatlantic states, where winters can be cold and summers are often hot and humid. Ocean City’s proximity to the ocean, however, makes its weather more moderate. Average temperatures in June-September are 75-80°F during the day and 65-70°F at night.
The coldest months are January and February, with average highs around 40°F and lows around 30°F. The average ocean water temperature is 72°F. The water is cooler than average in the beginning of the summer, but is at its warmest in August and September. Remember that even if you’re not planning to swim, the ocean breezes will feel warmer or cooler depending on the water temperature. 

Question: How do you get to Ocean City, New Jersey?

Answer: Ocean City, New Jersey is an island, so driving there requires crossing one of several bridges. You can easily reach Ocean City from the Garden State Parkway by taking the Roosevelt Boulevard exit. There is a bridge on Roosevelt Boulevard. From Somers Point and US-9, take state route 52 across the bay.
There are also bridges at the northern tip of the island, the Ocean Drive Bridge, and the southern tip of the island, the Strathmere Bascule Bridge on Bay Avenue.
The closest airport offering commercial flights is Atlantic City (ACY), with service on Spirit Airlines to Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, and several cities in Florida. For more options, use Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), which is a little over an hour’s drive from Ocean City.

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